LEK LEK LOGO in THAI - a short biography...

     LEK is a songwriter, musician, artist, poet, and liver of the spiritual life. He composes rock, psychedelic rock, acoustic/folk, piano, spoken word poetry, and improvisational storytelling. Lek composes, produces, records and mixes/masters all of his songs using old school tape on a 2" 16 track Ampex mm1200 mixing down to an Ampex 1/4" ATR102 (okay, some digital as well). He also lovingly hand draws all of the artwork you see on the cd's, the poetry books, and on this website. Songs and poetry are written at home near NYC or around the world while on his backpacking travels to India, Southeast Asia, South America, Central America and beyond. Poetry and lyrics embody life and spirituality, philosophy, travel to distant lands, family, stream of consciousness graphic imagery, and even love songs.

      LEK followed his heart and decided to forgo his premedical studies in university to instead pursue songwriting and the arts as well as embark on a spirtual quest for truth, reality, and as they say in the East - enlightenment or self realization. After a few years of composing and performing, Lek moved to California to follow the spiritual path more closely under an Indian guru in an ashram north of San Francisco. He then went on the first of several world travels, spending nearly a year in India and Thailand (where he was given his Thai name ‘Lek’). Now back in the United States, he devotes himself to the arts and spirituality; continuing to connect with people and cultures all around the world when he travels.

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