LEK LEK LOGO in THAI - a short biography...

LEK is a quixotic spiritual truth seeker whose earthly pursuits tend toward an amalgamation of psychedelic, rock, shoegaze, as well as sparse or wildly atmospheric acoustic and folk music - not to mention a few avant garde 'Lek classical style' piano compositions thrown in. LEK writes songs and poetry at home or around the world during his many backpacking travels from the lush tropical jungles of Cambodia back to the concrete jungle of his birthplace New York City. The lyrics and poetry embody life and spirituality, philosophy, travel to distant lands, and stream of consciousness graphic imagery - let it fall where it may. LEK sings and plays all of the instruments on his albums, and records, mixes, and masters everything – most often on refrigerator sized analog tape machines which he painstakingly aligns and cares for, mixing and mastering using analog hardware. He is also an artist - all of his albums were done, designed, and hand drawn by him. He has also lovingly designed this and previous incarnations of this website - hope you can feel the immediacy and warmth of it. LEK eschewed his background in university where he studied to be a doctor, to instead pursue his new loves - songwriting and spirituality. After a few years of composing and performing, LEK moved to California to meditate and search for truth at an ashram under an Indian guru in the rolling fairy tale hills north of San Francisco. He later embarked on the first of several world travels, spending nearly a year in India and Thailand (where a crinkly old Thai food cart owner lovingly bestowed upon him the nickname ‘LEK’ due to an inability to pronounce his real name!). He eventually came back to the USA in the New York area, where he lovingly devotes himself to the arts and pursuit of truth.


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