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Samples from Poetry/Art Book - THE FEMBERVEXYL

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All poems and art / drawings copyright by LEK



…and shoot away into nothingness

My brain performs equations
Quintessential bargainings of a half mad whore
Lipid molecules and star struck teenyboppers
Come prancing along the voodoo web of life
Alive with chaos, affright in mayhem
A rosebud blossoming on the fourth of July
Is quite a site
Factor in the phantasmic eloquence of
a hidebound narrator
The narrator oh so beguiled by his own misfortune
Quickly outnumbering and incommensurate
to the nonsense fed to him by the vast bourgeois
Herd of human terrificness
He is felled by a lonely arrow of love
Mesmerized by a lonely thought
Out of sync, and out of character
He jumps to a conclusion
None too concerned of
the unforeseen and unavoidable mayhem that results
Just a tick in a vast web of cause and effect
The chain reaction vibrates energetically in a feverish
concomitant manner along with all the other squibblings
of human squabblings

Caress its fortitude
Wave gentle hands around its perimeter
Look deep within
For a human figure beckons
Flashing in and out of reality
Standing bewildered out on the crackled desert floor
A framed holographic paisley image is dancing
Jittering one thousand feet in front of your paisley skinned head
I’m zapped and buzzed and feeling high
I will enjoy the show while its here
My eyes bulge out and I grin sheepishly
The chuckle from the little man inside explodes my head
In red lightning fervour
I will eat the whole world in one bite

Braided_Future Girl

On a path to shining rubies, teasing girls, the mind’s own movie
Jittery from too much coffee I’m heading home, another day done
One world ends, but that’s okay, the sun’s gonna be risin’
Cataclysmic fountain fury, the brain is robbed of pride and glory
Wicked elves grin and cackle in the corners of my mind
Arms raised high they do a chicken dance, smiling and knowing their evil plan
One Eye opalescent and chiseled glinting and reflecting light
Sent back pure evil
Inside a million shards shatter, a sound crunch mind boggling in
All consuming power
Shakes you down to the energy cone inside you
A slowly quickening shudder wiggles and cajoles its way to your inner soul



Tortoise rapids aren’t heard of
A lemon tree is disconcerting
Wild and mighty
Fly your silky kite upon my crestfallen eyes
To build a lie from squalor is a mighty trick
Fervent bubbles of delusion
Cast aspersions
On everyone living under the sun
Squealing, squirming does the Dream Fly of night hover in the sky
Buzzing rapidly toward ecstasy
Catch the wind
Surf the sea



I’ve got horns on my head and they’re picking up radio waves from god
Electrical impulses spark through my body
Red blood cells sprout heads, legs, and massive egos and mount
Surfboards made of hard chiseled plastic up and out of my nose all the
While screaming and rejoicing in their freedom
My body is sloppily stitched into the back of a large vinyl
Covered train chair
My mouth can move a little bit but one side is stitched shut. One eye is craggled
Closed and stretched causing tears to slowly ooze out and onto the floor forming a veritable ocean for tiny microbes to swim around in.
Oh! But they get bored easily my friends
Remember when you were a kid and crouched underwater in the shallow end of a pool only to spring up with all your might, surfacing through the surface and tensile forces and jumping for glee into the air above?
Well, a microbe named Charlotte felt just the same. And she also wanted some French fried pertaters
So Charlotte walked up to Mr. Peter Bloodhound and asked the old geezer for a tunafish sandwich on rootish beer with the crusty crashies chopped off
The weasel don’t like none
The weasel ain’t got none
Oh how Ms. Stumpleberry got a toothache 4 nights before her date with
The Christmas orphan mated and humped where the edge is just a glimmer
Of foul smelling acrid air teethed to the toe in ghoulish surprise
Train tractor train, brain chaotic muddled
Slumped over in the opal decayed rocking chair
Creaking slowly
Very slowly
In the dark gloomy room painted magenta and with the blood of a billygoat
This billygoat lived on the side of a mountain of fungus on the east side
Of a gold mountain in Spain. In the shiny gold mountains of Spain everything glimmered with glee. Why is it that when someone slits the sides of my mouth open making it more conducive to eating large quantities of mashed potatoes they must also insert the cardboard from a cereal box into those slits on which bacteria will just have a field day.

This page is shining with God

The molecules are dancing. I’d like to tie together an infinite amount of grogs and then gnaw and suck the tangy lemony wartish acrid juices from the knobby leg of one of them.
Can you read to my dead body a tale of marvelous shortcomings?
Can you read to my sleeping body the story of a snowy white goat leaping through a sky filled with shiny gold chiseled stars? While the goat leaps I could rub the top of my head into the warm fuzzy underbelly and hear gastrointestinal noises.


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