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Samples from Poetry/Art Book - Braided in a Knot of Eternity

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All poems and art / drawings copyright by LEK



In a sphere of energy
Bouncing round the universe
Picture a green framed harmony
Wood colored caterpillars with yellow polka dots
Massive jaws hinged, ready to rock n’ roll
Rear legs jacked up upon a canvas which I painted for you
Acidify your left front tooth and allow it to spray
Across the universe and release my head from its aching
Body free to bounce around the universe
Stars leaping, frogs chirping, butterflies moonwalking
On an oil slick in the middle of nowhere


And see what’s inside
I want to stretch your mind
See what therein resides

Crack it open in furious laughter
Push it to the limit
And far beyond
Do you think of violence?
Do you think of sex?
Do you think of love?
Do you love violent sex?

Can you imagine corpses
Dripping from your body?
Plants and pretty flowers
growing from your head?
Your left arm is a snake
Your right arm is a serpent
Your head is a tangle of
newfound ideas, wet limpid fears
An astrological chaotic muddle of predestined chaos
a swiveling swirling web of gyrating patterns
Brilliant specks of nothingness
Energetic brilliance, fear and copulence

Braided_Future Girl

Now I’m wacky, confused, and hungry
For the generous love of a non-thinking dwarf
Of a sea of red ants that slowly envelope my
Sunland, my heart, they’re leaping and fighting for
Life and the hope of my inner stadium
Ill conceived organ of love is penetrating the
Universal feeling of ill and good will that
My grandmother left me all of her
Chickens are a sight of rare taste and
Beauty is in the inner circle of
Thoughts come by slowly and are my
Friend to the mother of the soil beneath my
Feet of a giant steps round the earth and imprint their
Mark down the time of revelation and salvation to
Realize that you’re a speck of nothingness and
Fighting whining complaining
Salivating loving hating waiting tired trying conceiving dancing whirring
Frantic disparaging and judging and loving and wearing and loving and thinking and waiting and loving and playing and loving and pushing and liking and loving and loving and loving and loving and loving and loving and loving

Mystics come and go I’m wondering
A child’s play is not harmless, it’s thundering
Oh why oh why oh why oh why
A saviour of black silhouetted sun candy
A dollar bill magic carpet ride to the graveyard of your thoughts
Living on a bubble, it’s not surprising
Tiredness seeps out of my green eyes
The lumbering oxen run round the yellow stars

Then go to bed

To the horrible yet innocent time of my youth?



And still, White lions roam before my eyes
And still, I picture jeweled crescent kites
But now, I must regurgitate my prize
Or else, I’ll think a thought not painted by
My God

Fearless black winged eagles block my sites
Their wings, black, blocking heaven’s radiant light
My guts, a feast for sacred rites
They dive right down my soul and paint
A world of souls downtrodden
Hidden beneath our thoughts forgotten

Victims of the genocides, and acid poured down on their eyes
They jump into volcanoes, or just hide beneath their egos
Running scared and not sure where to go
They scream for help but god plays dos y dos

I’m lying down and spread on the mountain
I’m groggy rest my head against the trees, they feel so soft and cuddly
Massage my temples oh so warmly…
Ground beneath my fetal feeling, head beneath cold dirt I’m gleaning
Vicious thoughts disturb my slumber
Green soft light on the aura of
this mountain on the blue earth top
I’ll float into the ocean, I’m a shark
I’m vicious need to rip the fucking fresh red blood red meat
I’ll rip to shred the head before me
Wrecking buildings - that’s god’s glory

Running on my marble feet I’ll run 10 marathons while eating shit
I’ll rip apart this strange old story, another day looking for glory
I’m calming down, let’s change the story
How bout this, now listen, it’s not gory…

I’m sitting by a purple pond
Soft sunlight does warm my heart
I sing a song for all to hear, feel beating hearts and love grows near
Whisper winds, green warm creatures, they love my stories, I love their features
I send a kiss to each one, and promise that when their work is done
I’ll be their brother, be their father, be their mother, kindly care for
And when it’s night and everyone’s sleeping, I’ll go and enter their rooms
Put my face by their face, feel the cool crisp air
Faces ensconced in beauty, shivering in rapture,
LOVE in capture
Still photos of yellow blanketed sunlight keeping their heads warm
A black tired creature slowly stalks into the room where mother watches
over you… she says…
I’ll crush your head and rip your heart out, scream inside you
Rip your soul right out, where will you be, just wishing
That you weren’t near me, didn’t know me, now you know that I’m not holy
Truth is love and truth is hate, your paradise
It’s not too late to change your theories
Mental constructs are just a way for god to keep you occupied
While he dreams you up and dreams your life

Fire lemonheads to the moon…

Sunny moons and geckos
leap through a vast wilderness of echoes,
Comedy arises in the mind of the beholder
The audience is dead
Now only the true blue faith of a deranged
citizen can save me


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